About Stories from Terra

Hi, my name/way is Yuca Kaen X. But you can call me Luca or Kaen.

Stories From Terra is my place to share my stories, both earthly and heavenly. I intend to use this space to share my thoughts & my journey, to whomever has eyes to sea. I suspect that will mean lots of journal posts about life & my experiences as a psychonaut, investigative reporter, & traveller. It will also include my works of fiction, videos of my travels, recordings, & interviews. I’ll consider this space no hold barred.

A Note on my writing & grammar – I do not write in English. Even though it may appear so, the seemingly english writing is an illu sion, I connect words phonetically & symbolically in ways to show their true or hidden meaning/intent. So when reading any works found here consider that the writing is showing you more than what is said, phonically.



One thought on “About Stories from Terra”

  1. Hi kaen ,there is not single seconnd in existence so incredibly all time is one ! The all is now ! Im 43 cycles with more to come ! All is one , the one is all, from a distance all the stars are one great light , also all ends are new beginings , all wars on terra have been one eternal battle for great change to become a level one 3 dimensional community that all terrans in one cycle will join the great galactic community , fire n deep inner light

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